Saco and Winter at Saddleback Mountain

Saco Winter Winter No View at the Summit today Winter, what? Winter walking Off the trail Still off the trail Out in front in the Field In the field playing Tired Winter Troy running with Winter Winter is wondering what Saco found Saco and Winter meet the Alpaca

Saddleback Mountain

Walking time: 1hr Roundtrip
Trail conditions: Combination dirt and Paved road
Summit: 1,150ft (350 m) above sea level

Saco knew exactly what was going on when I opened the back of the truck and put my backpack on the back seat. He went crazy and began barking just knowing that we were going to go on another hike with Troy & Winter.

We drove to Northwood and met with Troy & Winter.  Winter jumped in the back of the truck with Saco and we were off.  This was the first time they rode together and they did great!

Once on site they off-loaded and began smelling all the new scents in the area.  It was 76 degrees, cloudy with a light mist.  We walked the dirt road to the summit and enjoyed the natural blueberries along the way.  Saco and Winter ran from one side of the road to the other, often causing a small tangle with the lines; they were happy!

Just after reaching the Summit it began to rain just a little heavier and there were no great views to be had in this weather.  We were ready to head back. Both Saco and Winter seemed to be going a bit slower on the decent which was nice because the ground was wet and slippery. 

Back at the base of the Mountain we were able to let the dogs play in a nearby field where Saco saw his first Alpaca from a distance.

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